Guide Dogs – Photoshoot – Leeds Castle.


Not the best of places for a shoot with the sun so bright in the background – however I’m sure there’s something here you can use.

For Social Media – these are sized as 1024  and they’re all in this zip file 21Mb :  Leeds Castle – Guide Dogs Photoshoot for Big Walk. 1024pix Social

If you need the originals (larger) they’re all in this zip file.   204Mb  Leeds Castle-Guide Dogs Photoshoot for Big Walk – Originals


I’ve purposely left some space round the edges as I was unsure if you were putting a Guide Dogs logo onto the images anywhere.

Personally the one with Nicola yomping is funny  🙂   My personal favourite is the third last one.   Pity the Guide Dog had to leave.

Any problems – just let me know.



The other side of the castle was better lit but by that time it was getting hot hot hot for the dogs (and people).


Then there was the call for some individual shots (while we were there)

Hope there’s something here you can use.