PUMA Defender Cranking but not starting.

Defender PUMA 2.4 cranks but will not start ?

I had this problem and managed to trace what the issue was with mine; it may be the same with yours.

Remove the six screws that hold the instrument binnacle in place, and then remove the connector on the binnacle.

The connector pins are numbered – 1 is top right, 17 below that.

With a small piece of stiff wire, short out the pins on 3 & 4.

Try and see if it’ll start now.

Landrover in their eternal wisdom decided to route the immobiliser wiring through the instrument binnacle.
I believe there’s a dry joint on the circuit board inside the binnacle which is causing this to fail. (I’ve yet to investigate)

Personally I removed the two pins from the connector and joined them together and it’s been starting first time ever since.

The wiring diagram for the connector is here and I’ve marked in red what needs to be joined.