Donalds Reel to Reel tapes

8mm Cine film.

Grandad Ross

00:54 Rose of Tralee

06:30 I’ll leave as a surprise as I think it’s wonderful; love to know who it was.

10:43 Bingo Calling

This is Track 1 of the tape.

This is track 4 of the tape.

Summary of Original Tape.

Opry Conversation.

3 min –   Girls 4 x 100m Racing 1964 Summer Olympics – Tokyo

8 mins – Music.    

Charts; October 1964
Elvis – Ain’t That Loving You Baby

Jim Reeves – There’s a heartache following me.

The Animals – I’m crying.

Cliff Richard – Twelfth of Never.

Holies – We’re Through.

Matt Munro – Walk Away

Hermans Hermits – I’m into Something Good.

The Searchers – When You Walk In The Room.

Julie Rogers – The Wedding.  

The Supremes Where Did Our Love Go

Sandie Shaw – Always Something There To Remind Me

Roy Orbison – Oh, Pretty Woman.

39 minutes.

The Four Pennies – Juliet

Rolling Stones – Really Low volume and quality.

Route 66

The Colorado Trail

Skip to My Lou

Summary :

Crying in the chapel

Nobody Child

Various Traditional Songs

Bonnie Wee Jeannie McCall

Various Traditional Songs, As well as a ton of swooning type songs.

Scotch Magnetic Tape


Heather and Margaret ?

Mary had a little lamb.

Jack and Jill



13 mins – kids. 

Rudolph The Red nose reindeer

EMITape Reverse

I’ve called it the reverse tape, because of the way it was recorded (on the opposite side of the tape when played normally; like a long tape, play one side, flip it over and continue playing).


Dictating letters about granite or just reading them out.


Summary :

BASF Side 1

Latin music.

Classical tunes; Shine on Harvest Moon etc,

BASF Side 2

Crooning and easy listening songs.

Orange Songs.

Robert Smity – Sandra Opry Marriage Ceremony

Robert Smity – Sandra Opry – Speeches. Levels are all over the place on this one.

Scotch Tape III. (Various songs / Folk / Irish)

Traditional Songs