Whisky Casks

Okay folks – thought I’d summarise our casks here to make my life easier.

So my original calculations were here.

The original cost was put at £867.    The actual calculations come out like this (splitting delivery between the two casks that I’ve ordered as well as a single re-casking charge being split has made this marginally cheaper – woohoo I hear you shout).   You’ll also see from the calculations that I’ve split the whisky cost that’s went into each barrel (I got a single invoice from Whiskybroker).

Listed in no particular order.

So the original calculations were based on 55 Litres fill and if you check the invoices (below) you’ll see they got slightly less than that (PX cask got 54.85 and the Oloroso one 51.01 litres).  Must be marginally smaller.

And the other one.

Attached are the two invoices which have been fully paid so you can see where the figures came from in the two cask calculations.  I’ve deleted my details as well as reference numbers since these are on the net.   I can send you the originals if you want.

First the Cask source and transportation:

Then the actual re-racking (i.e. taking it out of one large casks and putting it into two separate ones) and whisky costs.

You will notice that there is no VAT on the whisky; that’s because it’s under bond.   We will pay the VAT – but only once we bottle it.

Oh and some proof.

So now we sit back, and wait.    I’d guess probably a couple of years considering it’s been maturing for four years already albeit in a larger cask.        We will have warehousing to pay (see original calculations above) but I’ll sort that out.

I’ve also attached Whiskybroker’s charges for various services; just so everything is out in the open.

Dec 21st 2018

The warehousing and insurance has came in – obviously this is for the two casks since we put them in at the start of November.