Deans Tray

Making a whisky orientated tray from an old whisky bottle tin.

Flatten the tin by using Mr Grinder to slice it and then glue it to a backing piece making sure it stays flat.

Mr Grinder doesn’t always cut a nice clean line. So Mr Belt sander is used to square up the edges.
Make sure you’re left with something that’s square and still keeps the logos nice and square to the edge.
Bit of design work on the CNC and then set it to do it’s thing for each bit of the tray.
I’m using American Cherry here.
Finished cut number 1. Couple more to do.
And you’re left with this. Which all need a groove cut in the back to accept the backing board and tin. Run them through the table saw and it’s job done as far as cutting.
Mask them up for spray painting, but first they’re sealed with sealer to stop paint leeching into the wood grain.
Painting done.
Strip down and then a sanding will remove the excess paint, leaving what’s behind in the insets. It’s then off to get mitred corners to fit the base exactly.
Once mitred and that they fit snugly, it’s glued up. Once set it’s through the table saw again to cut a spline in the four edges to support the tray. On this one I used mahogany splines. They set and then they’re cut and sanded flat smooth up to 800 grit.
Four coats of danish oil and it’s ready to go off to Dean.
Low budget spinning display case. ?
In its new home and Dean is more than happy with it.