Woodlands Sign 2

Foundations are located on the grass by the Southern corner of Northfleet Close and Bargrove Road
Contact me on woodlands@craigmcateer.co.uk

Woodlands – Sign 2 – Update 1

Hello folks,
I hope you’ve had time to check out the rebuilt sign; I’ve heard no negative feedback about it; only positive.
It’s been a couple of weeks since I sent out the update on the first sign,  I’m still outstanding 11 payments from folks for the first sign, so if you haven’t received a ‘payment received’ email /notification you’re more than likely still due; I’ve given folks a couple of weeks to allow for holidays etc.
So onto the matter in hand, the replacement of the second sign at the corner of Bargrove Road and Northfleet Close.    Some folks expressed an interest in only this sign and I’m hoping that people have seen what a difference the rebuilt one would make so might join in.
This is based on bricks we can source at anytime; which if it goes ahead we may be able to snap up some offers so it’s based on worst case costs for bricks.  I’ve also as previously included an allowance as a just in case which I don’t believe we’ll need this time around but it’s there just in case.  I’ve also went to Mid Kent Memorials to obtain an up to date price so that’s been included also.
The sign will be the same size as the existing one but we’ll use a brick that matches the surrounding houses rather than the reddish one we previously used.
So obviously, depending upon how many people are interested will determine how much it will cost each.      When I previously sought input there were 22 people interested in the second sign; I’m hoping for more interest this time (I can hope).
To give you an idea of the potential costs :
If we don’t use the 10% allowance, you can reduce these cost by 10%.
So what do you think ?  Can you email and let me know if you’re interested in contributing to the second sign.    Once everyone has responded; I’ll get back with an update detailing what the costs would be.  It’s annoying and rather long winded to do it this way but it seems to work albeit a bit of back and forth so if people can be prompt in their response it won’t drag on as long as the first sign did.        Sadly there are no grants available from MBC to assist with the costs.
Ideally I’d like to keep it below £50 but we’ll see.
Have a talk with your neighbours; sadly the majority of which didn’t respond to the initial sign and mail drops so I don’t have their contact details; but they might respond now if they’ve seen the rebuilt sign.    Get them to drop me an email if they’re interested; now that you know the overall cost; the more people; the cheaper it is.
FYI – this was the % of response on the first sign.  It could be a lot better in some areas.
I think that covers everything; if not; do let me know.

Woodlands - Sign 2 - Update 2

Hi Folks,
Sorry it’s been a while,  but then again I’ve been dealing with MBC trying to get some funding out of them to help assist with the second sign.
Sadly it’s a no on that front; however on the other side of the coin I do have an agreement from them that they would re-instate/maintain the sign going forward if it’s rebuilt.
On the responses I had from everyone if they were willing to contribute to the second sign the breakdown was as follows.
Yes – 31
No – 22
Maybe – 9
So with this in mind I’ve had emails from all of you at one point or another to hint at what you would be willing to pay towards it’s rebuilding.   As you can expect these values vary greatly and since the ‘maybe’ category didn’t include a cost they’re excluded from the analysis.
If we were to do exactly the same as we did on the first sign and just do a straight divide on the overall cost and divide it by the interested parties we would get a cost per party.   If I use the lower of the estimate (excluding the ‘just in case’ 10%) the rebuild cost was put at £2205.60.
Based on the 31 ‘Yes’ responses that makes the cost per Yes vote at £71.15.   
However; the spread of what people were willing to contribute looks like this.
As you can see; there are quite a few that are below the £71.15 line of the 31 entries, some by a substantial amount.
This is based on only those that commented on willing to contribute to the second sign.  
I’ve taken the costs you were willing to contribute in previous emails, subtracted the £18.50 (for the first sign) and used those figures to show where we lie in relation to shortfalls if that makes sense.
Ideally I’d like to keep everyone paying the same thing as otherwise it’s just a nightmare to manage (a bit like herding cats) but realise unless 50% of the Yes respondents up their contributions it’s just not going to happen.
So Plan A ; have people contribute the same amount I think is a non-flier; please email me and let me know if this is not the case and you’re willing to up your contribution to even it out.  If you can’t remember what you were willing to contribute; do email and I’ll tell you the figure I have for you.
Plan B, it’s always nice to have an alternative plan isn’t it.    If I take the figures that I’ve gleamed from you over the months this has been going on and I take just the ‘willing to contribute up to’  figures from the Yes votes; we have sufficient to rebuild it. (£2411), however I realise that this was always peoples maximum consideration and means that people are paying unevenly.    How do you feel about this approach, personally I’m against it as it’s not fair and equal ?
Plan C:   Does anyone know any organisations that would be willing to make a donation to assist (much like KCC did with the first sign) or would be willing to fund perhaps the signage from Mid Kent Memorials ?
I realise it’s yet another round of emails back and forth; such is the nature of the beast. I’d be interest to hear feedback or your thoughts.
I’ve said it previously but it would be help to get your neighbours involved.   See if they know about the plans for the second sign; especially down Lombardy who would primarily be the people who would be passing the reinstated sign.  Get them to get in touch
If you are in the Maybe category; please do get in touch and let me know if you’d be willing to contribute to the sign now that you’ve seen the figures.   An of course, if you were previously a No but have had a change of heart; please get in touch.