Vinters and Woodlands Litter Pick

Hi – thanks for volunteering to assist with the litter pick.

Since the Council are involved (i.e. collecting the rubbish as well as providing the hi-vis and picks) there is of course the associated risk assessment to ensure everyones safety.

I’ll be handing it out when we meet on Sunday 24th and getting you to sign a form saying that you’ve read and understood it, so please take the time now to read it to save us some time on the Sunday morning.
You’ll find it here

I’ve also been round and had a look at where we could clean; I’ve stuck to the main walkways through the estate as well as looking at the open grassy areas.

As expected – it’s in not too bad a state but the area around the back of the shops is probably the worst.

See you all on Sunday 24th at 10:00. Let’s meet in the Community Centre car park (not in the centre). Do remember to wear sturdy shoes/boots and let’s hope for pleasant weather.