CNC Build

I’ve opted for an Ooznest CNC so I’m pulling this together to document the build, any issues along the way and progress.

I’ve gone for the 750×750 size and after the expected delay for delivery it arrived a week early.

So onto the build, it comes well packed into smaller boxes inside the large A3 sized box. They contain the component parts split into the service they provide/what they are. So for example everything you need to build step 1 is not in the box with the wheels and bearings. You’ll find the precision shims in the Brackets and Spacers box. Since there’s 30 of the wheels to build I figured out a quick way to save you pressing them down and flattening your thumb.

Press one bearing into the wheel, then get a screwdriver that fits nicely inside the bearing and shim. Line them up, bearing first, shim and then the wheel with the bearing in it. Push it up the shaft and the bearing, shim and wheel are aligned nicely. All done less that 10 minutes.