Bruichladdich (Brook Laddie)

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It’s another scorching hot day on Islay and today we venture the short distance from our accommodation down to the colourful distillery of Bruichladdich. All seven of us; Myself, Smudge, Al, Wolfie, Ralf, H and Garson climb into the truck and head down the hill for what some people say is the best day of the festival.

If you’ve not booked onto any of the classes it’s £7 to get in but that gets you two drams at the serving area. The courtyard is busy with people but to be honest – there’s lots of space.    Various stalls are serving all kinds of things – food, drinks, local arts etc.   Even the RNLI have a setup serving food a plenty.

The shop is a hive of activity, again the normal queuing as people grab a bottle of their Feis Ile bottling. (£100), of course, I and Wolfie grab our bottles (I’ve got bottle 70, Wolfie 114).  Happy as Larry.  🙂 A few drams are sampled courtesy of the lovely ladies dishing up drams.

Lots going on and constant entertainment from Robin Laing, through to line dancing and a what was last year an up and coming band – Skerryvore, who, to be honest were bloody good and yes I did buy their CD’s.

Of course, there was a visit by the local pipeband.

We met up with Andrew and Corrina (a New Zealand couple that the others met at the Ceilidh last night).

It’s then off to the Masterclass for a good sampling.    Queueing outside it’s like a visit to Willie Wonkas chocolate factory,  we’re all excited and we’ve all got the golden ticket which will allow access.     A great show put on by the young guns here; as well as a grateful thanks to Jim McEwan for guiding the current Bruichladdich manager to his current position – even though he only was hired as a painter  🙂

  • 6 Year old  (pour some in your hand and let it evaporate – smell the barley thats left)
  • 18 year old – 14 years in a bourbon cask, 4 years finished in a Guatamalan rum cask.    mmmmmmm 🙂
  • 22 year old – Last two years in a Calvados cask.    Also very mmmmmm.
  • 22 year old – Black Art.        Lovely.
  • 10 Year old  PC10.      LUSH.
  • 10 Year old Octomore to be released in the Autumn.     Lovely.That PC10 is going to get some serious damage.

Just before we leave, Garson decides it’s time for a lesson for those that are interested in how an old sea mine operates. H and Wolfgang look interested.

Then it’s off to the Port Charlotte hotel for dinner and quite a few drinks and then upstairs to the bar for the live music.

Another cracking day – again many many thanks go to the staff and helpers at Bruichladdich for a superb delve into what they’re all about.    I like it.


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