I’ve had this for 11 years and would keep it for another 11 years with the exception of a ‘too good an opportunity’ to buy a newer Puma engined one and one that I knew the history of.    So sadly my Wife won’t let me keep two so it has to go.

Originally bought to go and explore Iceland in 2007, it was explored and then upon returning I decided it was too practical a vehicle to sell so I’ve kept it ever since.

When ever it’s needed something doing to it; it’s been put into Mick and his Three legged dog (Landmark Landrovers, in Charing) to be fixed.   This also includes about a month before I bought the new truck, new rear brakes were installed as the existing ones were squeaking.   All work is documented in it’s folder.

So in summary it’s a 110 TD5 with 185,191 miles on the clock.   The rear brakes were replaced when it was 185,118.

It was last serviced on 15th Feb this year.

It had a replacement engine before I bought it at 91884 miles. ( I bought it about the 118K miles.)

The ECU has been upgraded (and has been since 2008), it’s also had a larger intercooler fitted and had it’s EGR valve bypassed.


At the moment it doesn’t have a roof rack on there – but it’s an option for you.   I transferred the one that used to be on there to the new truck and just haven’t got round to putting the other one on.

The pipes you can see tywrapped to the snorkel are the axle breathers for when wading (installed for the Iceland trip).  There is also a CB antenna cable coiled up there for mounting on the roof rack; however that can just as easily be removed.

I had a lot of little jobs to do on it this year which I’ve not got round to as you can probably see.

These include :

Rubbing down the front bumper to get rid of the rust on the edges as well as round where the DRL’s are (which still need to be wired).

Wire brushing the rust on the rear cross member.

Recoating the chassis with Dynax S50 inside, whilst rubbing down and recoating with Frosts Chassis Black for the outside – as I’ve done every couple of years for protection.

Changing the hinges on the doors (as you can see I’ve done a couple of them)  Haven’t done the fronts yet – but I’ve got new wing mirrors to go on when they are changed along with the hinges.

Window seals on the bottom of the door windows and re-installing the internal locking button on the right rear door (central locking; so it’s not important).

I’ve opted not to do that so you can actually see what condition the chassis etc are.   There can be nothing worse than buying a motor with paint covering a multitude of sins.     I prefer an honest condition.


The eagle eyed amongst you will notice the rear storage box (Safari Equip) on the passenger side that I’ve installed.   I keep my strops and compressor in there.   That does hamper a little the installation of one of the rear seats but since I rarely use them it’s not bothered me in the slightest.

Stuff that it’ll come with (all fitted).

QT diff guard.

Southdown Tank Guard with removable drop hitch.

Winch  – Warn 7824  (rarely used except for the occasionally gardening duty pulling hedges/trees).

Longlife Stainless Steel exhaust (t304) made by Demand Engineering

Pioneer Stereo with reversing camera.

All seats have had Landrover protection covers fitted since day one.   The drivers one for obvious reasons is getting a tad worn now but the seat below is perfect.

Four additional rear seats- currently not fitted after a recent trip. (again all had Landrover seat covers since day one.)

LED work light on the rear.

Mud Pod dash panel.

Central cubby box (Mobile Storage Systems) with 12v outlets on the rear (one switched from the mudpod panel on the dash which I’ve used for my fridge).

It currently has two batteries fitted (used to have a split charge system but that was removed as it wasn’t working properly).   They are Optima Red top (starting etc) and a Yellow top (winch/fridge/random stuff).   They’re currently not linked so the yellow one will not be getting a charge from the alternator.

Comes with a book full of anything I’ve had done to it.   There may be a few handwritten ‘receipts’ from Mick and his three legged dog for work carried out but they’ll be for cash payments if you know what I mean 🙂

Bad (if you call them that) bits.

Underload it’s a little smokey when accelerating hard but when running normally it’s tickety boo.    e.g floor it and it’ll smoke a bit.

The front passenger door has a few scrapes on it. (Patina some folks call it),  they’ve come from when the wing mirror fell off coming down the road from Aberdeen and secondly from a tent pole in the wind at Le Mans in 2016.

There is the normal rust spots where you expect to see them – e.g. bulkhead and of course the rear cross member.




I’ve roughly kept tabs on it’s development and issues since I bought it.   You can find the write up here :

http://www.orrp.info/smf/index.php?topic=38987.0    There is a lot of banter spouted in that thread but you’ll get the gist.